This list is a topical reference to my posts studying the place of women in church and marriage. I’ve taught as a complementarian in the past, but recently I’ve given up the charade. I’m not a comp. I am convicted that male patriarchy is a tradition of man, not a mandate of God. I am passionate about it. I believe it is a huge blind spot in the church. But, the times they are a changin’! This little outlet is my way of joining the “reformation” on the place of women in God’s church.

4 reasons why I don’t believe God restricts women in ministry – brief!

Creation Order

The Fall

Teshuqa Turnings


Translation and Interpretation Issues

Bible Characters

Female Lineage

Personal Journey


Male Authority

Problem Passages



2 thoughts on “Women

  1. So love your blog and writing. I’m a pastor in Frederick, MD that is beginning the conversation in having women be elders too. I’m totally for it and my wife and I are excited. I have believed this for some time, but now is the right season to push this with the other two elders. I’m getting plenty of wisdom from the Lord, the Bible, and from others i respect. We need fathers and mothers in the church. Let men lead like men, and women like women. We need healthy leading from men and women at every level.

    Thanks for joining Jesus in the great liberation movement Jesus began.



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