VIDEO: Theology Bits Circumcision Conclusion

VIDEO: Theology Bits Circumcision Conclusion

Circumcision is the cutting and removal of the foreskin on a penis. Circumcision was not uncommon in ancient history, but this video will focus on the Jewish practice described in the Old Testament. Since the days of Abraham, Jewish circumcision was only performed on males, mostly baby boys on their eighth day. Female circumcision, which removes a part or all of the external female genitalia was never practiced by the Jewish people and was not commanded by God. Female circumcision (Female Genital Mutilation) is illegal in the United States and in many countries around the world, and is not what is being proposed in this video.

Why do the Jews circumcise their males? The main reason is that God commanded them to. Beyond that, there is much debate as to its exact purpose, which leaves room for opinions to form ranging from mystical beliefs to the pragmatic. The ritual itself is privileged – it is for Jewish males alone. Gentiles and women are not included. What does this say about the Jewish male, then? What about women? And ultimately, what can we conclude about the God of Abraham who is known to Christians as the person of Jesus Christ?

Recommended Resource: Why Aren’t Jewish Women Circumcised? by Shaye Cohen


VIDEO Theology Bits: Circumcision

VIDEO Theology Bits: Circumcision

What’s been mulling around in my head lately? Circumcision. Why did God put foreskins on if they were meant to come off? What about women? Are women excluded from something because they aren’t included in the cutting of parts? How does this effect Christians? I have some answers, but I’m not really satisfied with them. Do you have anything to add?

(Posting a video was a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve been wanting to start posting short videos for a while, but am fighting vanity and fear of getting information wrong. That’s why I love writing. I can edit, and edit to my heart’s content. I probably sound and look ridiculous, but oh well. I need more humility.)


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Pini Dunner: Why Circumcision Is an Essential Part of Jewish identity

Note after the fact: Found a book written on this topic. Ordered it. Will let you know how my thoughts progress!