Party like its 479 BCE!

The only direct instruction of Esther is how to throw a party.… Read More Party like its 479 BCE!


Diary of Judas, a betrayer (Conclusion)

Judas is guilty of ultimate treachery. That is undeniable. Judas was also an intimate hand-chosen by Jesus, which implies admirable attributes and a gift of grace. Take an exaggerated view of any theory and you can miss a valuable lesson about the effects of unfaithful, sinful thinking. Judas’ story serves as a warning, if you will, for those considered “close to the Master.” Because even in familiarity with the “rabbi”, a gradual slip into selfish desire can result in tragedy. … Read More Diary of Judas, a betrayer (Conclusion)

The Diary of Judas, a betrayer (Friday)

“I’ve done something and you must fix it.” I looked at each of the men hoping to find a glimmer of pity. I only found arrogant disapproval. I tried again because there was nothing left to do but beg. I dropped to my knees.

“Take it.” I held out the coin sack to the nearest priest. “I made a mistake. I never meant for Rabbi Yeshua to be crucified!”
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