Children\'s book There are many happy surprises in life. One of the most surprising to me is how relevant, interesting and revealing the Bible is. It makes me happy to discover something new or begin to unveil the depth of the words it contains. There is nothing I enjoy as much as teaching a passage in such a way that motivates someone to want more.  And there is always more! The Bible is our telescope into God’s eternal dimension. It is also God’s whisper (or shouting in some cases) into ours. It is this mysterious Word that communicates spirit and life.

I am nostalgic by nature. My mom kept all my childhood books and now my daughter enjoys them. How cool is it to read and re-live those happy childhood memories with her each time she chooses an old favorite! The page are brittle and the bindings are held together with tape and chances are good she’ll see my first attempts at signature, but the stories are sweet and the pictures another-worldly. It makes me happy.

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  1. You are a talented writer! Just the few posts I’ve read have been entertaining, creative, and not at all shallow. I’ve enjoyed reading. I’m sure others will too. God bless!


  2. I have most of my kids’ books, too. I’m saving them, and adding to them for my “Grandma’s Collection” –which I hope to someday have a use for!


  3. Discovered your writings today and am interested in what you have to say. I was looking for discussions about the age of John the apostle and so I am here, If you have addressed this following question that I am about to pose please let me know. ? Was Jesus giving John the responsibility of caring for Jesus mother when he spoke from the cross or was he adding him as a family member to be nurtured and cared for by Mary? Thanks for your thoughts.


    1. Welcome Pat! That question has come up often. But, like most good questions, it raises a few more. So, let me start you thinking about it this way. How do we know it was John that Jesus was linking to his mother? We know for sure it was the disciple that he loved. But our source for naming that disciple is based on tradition and word of mouth in the ancient world. Tradition and word of mouth are acceptable means for preserving information, not infallible. And so there may be a case made that this disciple was not a youth like we understand John to be (since he lived to the ripe old age on Patmos). Read more about that here: https://kbonikowsky.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/the-disciple-jesus-loved-unsolved-mystery/

      If you don’t buy that theory, I don’t think there is a wrong answer to your question as to John’s age and care for Mary. Remember, teenage boys were considered men, and Mary as a widow would have needed a man in that day and age to perform basic social and legal functions for her. And then there is the question about Mary’s birth sons. Why couldn’t they care for her? Which may open up Jesus’ instructions as more spiritual in nature, since his brothers were not of the faith at that point. I don’t know for sure, and I’m okay with not knowing for sure. 🙂


  4. Finding your blog The Happy Surprise has been indeed just that- a happy surprise. We are currently studying creation in our Bible study and I googled a question and one of the links led me here. I am really enjoying your new (to me) perspective and insights, as well as your faithful commenters’ perspectives. The dialogue is refreshing and engaging. And while I’ve been a complimentarian as long as I can remember, my eyes, head and heart are examining something new and altogether peaceable. Your posts have been so much fun to read and I look forward to reading many more. Thank you for handling the text so carefully and lovingly and holding it in the high esteem it deserves.


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