What if I do something really bad?

by kbonikowsky

Imagine being a 13-year-old girl who raised her 4-year-old sister from birth, lived in 8 foster homes in 5 months, and called 911 after seeing her mom dead (at least she looked dead) from a drug overdose on her living room floor. That is the story I heard this summer from one of the most charming and talkative girls I’ve ever met.

I asked her when she became a Christian, and she told me it was, “Pretty much when I saw my mom dead.” She prayed for Jesus to take her to heaven when she died, and has trusted her topsy-turvy life to Him ever since. And she can wax eloquent about how Jesus helps her live that life for hours, if you let her!

But, she had one big worry. She asked me quietly,”What if I do something really bad when I get older?” (This anxious question has haunted me since I heard it. She didn’t say it, but I think she was afraid of becoming an addict, and what that would mean to her spiritual destination.)

When she voiced that question, 14 other girls who were listening to her testimony started nodding in agreement. They, too, were worried about future mistakes, and felt pressure to “stay a Christian.” When I brought up that question in Bible class, 50 more girls glued their eyes to me and hoped for an answer, as well.

What would you say? What assurance would you give?